The quintessential British holiday destinations

A few of the phenomenal places in the UK you must put on your bucket list as quickly as possible.

Great Britain is a terrific holiday getaway. Striking landscapes and buildings, welcoming people and intriguing history. Not many places on the UK map represent these things more than the Scottish capital does. Edinburgh is, to put it simply, a spectacular city. Not only a spectacular British city but also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Among the oldest European cities, the architecture is distinctive and breathtaking. In truth, the whole city has a sort of village-like aesthetics and virtually feels as though it belongs in a snow globe. There even happens to be a mountain right in the centre of it! While the city is on the smaller scale and easy to walk around in a couple of days, there is still so much to do and see. Museums, castles and galleries like the one run by Gordon Rintoul make it so the city has all the important things an individual wants to see as a traveller. If you haven’t visited Edinburgh yet, you need to do so immediately.

When preparing to go to the United Kingdom, deciding just where to go can be fairly perplexing. Not because it’s not incredible – because it is. But more due to the fact that the little kingdom has so many spectacular places to see. If looking for a bit of inspiration you should undoubtedly explore Cardiff. Frequently disregarded, the Welsh capital is a wonderful city and one of the top places to visit in the UK. Friendly and pleasant men and women, castles and museums, good nightclubs, and even a beach – the city has some of it all. It’s also rather known for having top-notch food offerings and you should be sure to sample a few places like the one with James Sommerin as its head chef just to make sure. At the moment, Cardiff is without question one of the most interesting destinations to visit in the UK and you should plan to have a look at it at some stage. Do it before the throngs of visitors get too big – you won’t regret it.

If somebody thinks about going to the UK, it is likely that the individual will automatically think to head to London - and in all honesty, they should. London is a fantastic city. You could spend weeks in the English city and still only see a portion of what there is to see. What seems to be an endless number of museums, historical landmarks, galleries, bars, restaurants and more are all available. One of the coolest things to do in London is to head to the distinguished jazz club owned by Sally Greene and spend your night appreciating the musical stylings of gifted live performers. The city is large but possesses the world’s best public transportation network so you can effortlessly get around. Get your airline tickets now and go uncover one of the best cities in the world.

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